ESC Congress Library. KADIOGLU M. May 28, 2014; 50508; A-093
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Objective: Turkey population and  health research (TPHR) is a international  research, conducted by Hacettepe University Institute of Population.The purpose of this research is to identificate of demographical indicators .It is done every five years , by collecting reliable data at the national level in the areas of population characteristics and maternal and child healtht is performed within the frame of model and standards of population and health researches  project,as  performed world wide. The aim of this study is to discuss the effects of  family planning regarding regional and cultural diffrences in Turkey To see the  choices and usage of the family planning (FP) methods in accordance with TPHR 2008 data and is to propose an  appropriate  solution.

Design&methods: The study was conducted by Hacettepe University Institute of Population Studies,in June and December  2008;by questionaries and area listing studies  in 634 sets that were chosen in the manner that they will represent at the country- city and geographical region levels nation- wide and in 81 cities.Interviews were completed with7,405 married women in 10,525 house holds.

Results:Total fertility rate is 2.16.  98% of the women that the study was conducted have know nany FP method. Modern methods which are least known are woman condom (17%) and urgent prevention pill (29%). 46% of the women have used one of the modern methods, whereas 27% of the women have use done of the traditional methods. The traditional method which is used most is with drawal. Two thirds of the women have not wanted to have another child and as the number of children women have increases, desire of the women to bring the fertility to an endal so increases. There are differences between setle mentan dregions. As education level and level of welfare increases, the use of FP also increases prominently.

Conclusion: Policies to eliminate the inter regional differences should be developed in accordance with these results, Access to family planning methods easily for women from all strata of  the society should be provided. Men should also be included in the trainings for family planning to get her with women. Proposal of the contraceptive methods for men by the health care personnel in our country and participation of them actively in regulation of fertility should be provided as well.And it has been worked on those for many years and they have been supported with the evidence based researches.



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