ESC Congress Library. Prilepakaya V. May 28, 2014; 50608; A-193 Disclosure(s): This study was not supported by any commercial organization
Prof. Vera N. Prilepakaya
Prof. Vera N. Prilepakaya
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Selective inhibitors of serotonin recapture, microdose hormonal  contraceptives and alternative methods are used for  treatment of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Objectives: to evaluate efficiency of hormonal contraceptive containing EE 20 mcg / drospirenone 3 mg in the regimen of 24/4 in PMS treatment.

Materials and methods: A total of 122 patients with different symptoms of PMS were enrolled in the study, mean age was 28.3 years (95% CI 16 – 38) with PMS, who met inclusion criteria and did not have any of exclusion criteria. irritability, anger, aggression, depressed mood or hopelessness, breast tender, marked change of appetite and other physical symptoms (headache, abdominal pain, bloating, and swelling of extremities).
Examination and diagnosis: assessment of anamnesis data, biochemical blood tests, blood lipid spectrum, gynecological and ultrasound examinations. PMS and its severity was diagnosed based on DSM- IV questionnaire and visual analogue scale indexes.
Treatment: All patients took EE 20 mcg / drospirenone 3 mg in 24/4 regimen (Yaz, Germany) during three menstrual cycles.

Anxiety or internal tension were found in 92 (75.4%) patients at baseline and in 46 (39.7%) after 3 months of treatment, irritability, anger, aggression in 83 (68%) and 51 (41.8%) correspondingly, depressed mood and hopelessness in 72 (59.0%) and 55 (45.1%), changes in appetite in 62 (50.8%) and 52 (42.5%), headaches, abdominal pain 67 (54.9%) and 32 (26.2%), p<0,05, mastalgia, mastodynia in 76 (62.3%) and 61 (50.0%) p=0.0523, correspondingly.
More pronounced effect was marked in psychological symptoms comparing to the physical ones.
Within three months of treatment 71.3% (87) women had much improved status, 19,7% (24) improved, no change was registered in 9.0% (11). No severe side effects were noted during the therapy.

Conclusion. Preparation containing 20mkg of EE and 3 mg of As data of our study demonstrate, EE 20mcg / drospirenone 3 mg pill in 24/4 regimen help premenstrual symptoms in women with PMS , and psychological signs in particular.
1. M. Steiner J Psychiatry Neurosci 2000;25(5):459-68
2. Lopez LM, Kaptein AA, Helmerhorst FM. Oral contraceptives containing Drospirenone for premenstrual syndrome. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2009, Issue 2

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