Delivering a Nurse-led Subdermal Implant clinic.
ESC Congress Library. Munro H. May 4, 2016; 126932; A-106 Disclosure(s): none to disclose
Dr. Helen Munro
Dr. Helen Munro
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1) To evaluate patient experience in attending a nurse- led CASH service for the provision of Subdermal Implants (SDI)

2) To assess standards of record-keeping in the nurse- led SDI clinic


The audit was conducted at a large integrated CASH service in north London where a hub and spoke model of care encompasses four nurse led clinics. Data was collected prospectively over a 3 month period commencing on the 12th August 2013. The collection of data was in two parts. Part 1 included a patient satisfaction questionnaire. The first two questions were completed by the patient following their appointment and insertion of the SDI and before they left the clinic. The remaining two questions were completed two weeks later by telephone. 40 questionnaires were distributed in the three month period and 39 were returned with a 98% response rate. Part 2 involved manually reviewing EPR for five SDI procedures completed by each trained nurse, and auditing against FSRH Service Standards for Record Keeping.


Patients were asked to rate their experience under four headings with 1 (Poor) to 5(Excellent):

  • Q1:Booking their appointment,
  • Q2:The consultation and procedure
  • Q3:Counselling and information provided
  • Q4:Overall experience.

Twenty-eight (72%) patients rated the booking procedure as excellent, 8 (21%) as good, 2 (5%) satisfactory and one non-responder. With regard to a nurse led consultation and fitting of the SDI, 36 (92%) patients rated their experience as excellent, 3 (8%) as good. Patients were then contacted by telephone two weeks later to complete question 3 and 4. Twenty-two (56%) patients rated the counselling and information provided to them at the time of consultation as excellent, 4(10%) as good and 13(33%) were non-contactable. Patients overall experience was rated highly with 25 (64%) describing the experience as excellent, 2(5%) as good and 12(31%) patients were non-contactable. Results from Part 2 of the audit found that documentation on EPR was below the 100% standard in three of the four criterions, in particular fully documenting the procedure (70%).


Overall patients had a positive experience of the nurse- led SDI clinic. The majority of patients participating in the questionnaire felt that the consultation, procedure and information provided were 'excellent'. Comments made by patients included 'ten out of ten' and 'would recommend this service to a friend'. The audit has shown that documentation could be improved and recommendations to review the EPR templates have been made.

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