The Role of Information for the Effectiveness of Contraception Use in Russia
ESC Congress Library. Dikke G. May 4, 2016; 126944; A-118 Disclosure(s): No conflict of interests
Prof. Galina Dikke
Prof. Galina Dikke
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Objectives: to study how information influence the use and contraceptive effectiveness among general population of women in Russia

Material and Methods: 1007 women of age 18-45 in 7 Federal Okrug in RF. Face-to-Face Interviews. Anonymous Interviews of 161 abortion patients.

Results: 85% of interviewed stated their recent use of contraception. A high level of information (87% – COC и 71% – Cu IUD) was showed, they are less informed about LARCs (30-56%). Condoms are frequently used (45%), hormonal (35%) and Coitus Interruptus  (23%). Among LARCs  11% of users are Cu-IUD, others are rare - LNG IUS – 3%, Implant, Ring, Patch and Injections – 1,5%. Two methods at the same time were used by 38%. Natural and Traditional methods were more popular among 35 y.o., 2 times higher than in young group (34 and less) 8-13% against 4-6% accordingly.

Two times more active users are among women with high education (23% against 10%). But their use of Cu-IUDs is lower (6% against 12-17%) and LNG IUS (1% against 4-5%). Women chose Condom and Coitus Interruptus (68% in total), rely more on men`s involvement and contraceptive responsibility.

Before this pregnancy 52% were in contraceptive use for at least 3 moths, natural methods – 9%,  91% were using more reliable 14% - traditional,  87% - modern. Hormonal methods showed less effectiveness in this cohort: COCs – 37%, Patch – 27%, Vaginal Ring – 16%, Injectabals – 6%. The most alarming issue is that 56% needed consultation on contraception, but could not obtain it due to various reasons.

Conclusion: Contraception use in Russia can be better achieved by improving its public health organization, increase of availability and could be more efficient due to better counseling and the wider use of the prolonged methods.


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