ESC Congress Library. Gheorman V. 05/10/18; 208089; ESC73
Valeriu Gheorman
Valeriu Gheorman
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Introduction We consider that any contraception method produces a change in the quality of life for patients because it realizes the conditions for a stressful activity. The stress resulted from using a contraception method can be revealed and measured. In this paper we proposed to evaluate the level of the stress of some most used contraceptive methods. Aim In this research we propose to analyze the correlation between contraception and stress level. We want to reveal the impact of some most used contraceptive methods in the development of the stress. We desire also to study if contraception represent a stress factor involved in decreasing of quality of life. Material and methods Our research was developt between 1st November 2016 - 1 November 2017 at Family Planning Centre of "Filantropica" Municipal Clinical Hospital Craiova. We studied both prospective as retrospective a group of 186 subjects. From these 85 had intrauterine devices and 101 were using a hormonal oral contraceptive method. These subjects were evaluated using Item Short Form Survey (SF-36). The group  made of women using an oral hormonal contraceptive method was divided in 3 small groups. First group was made by 70 subjects who received oral contraceptive by 21/7, second group by 29 subjects with 28/0 and the third by 2 patients with 63/7. Results Comparing the groups, we found a higher lever of stress for the patients that are using oral contraceptives to the patients with intrauterine devices. From the patiens using intrauterine devices, 60 (32,26%) had a low level of stress, 22 (11,83%) medium level and 3 (1,61%) high level of stress. At the women who used oral hormonal contraception,32 (17,20%) presented low level of stress, 39 (20,97%)medium level if stres, 30 (16,13%) high level of stress. Studing the level of stress for the group with oral hormonal contraception according by the contraception regime we observed that the lowest stress level was at subjects with 63/7 regime . The patients with 28/0 regime presented a medium level of stress and the highest level of stress was evaluated at the patients with 21/7 contraception regime. Obviously, having just a small group of patients with long time contraceptive regime 63/7 we couldn't have representative results for this group. Conclusions Contraception represents, in our opinion, a stress factor which influences the quality of life. But the benefits of contraception are more than it's disavantages. The level of the stress is
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