ESC Congress Library. Dec-Pietrowska J. May 10, 2018; 208144; ESC205
Dr. Joanna Dec-Pietrowska
Dr. Joanna Dec-Pietrowska
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This pronouncement concerns the presentation of research results focused on media transmissions of femininity construction in the context of sexual and reproductive rights. Discursive practices in the pro-life and pro-choice discourse and their educational meaning were research objects. The aim of the study was to analyze the formal way of thinking about women expressed by using a language. Conducting researches were directed by the following question: how is the femininity defined by the conservative and liberal discourse in the context of  sexual and reproductive rights and what meanings are assigned to the femininity? The study used the method of discourse analysis. It has included the materials published on the right-wing and feminist socio-political web portals and in popular media in two periods of time: 2009-2014 and 2016-17. The first period was the time when co called 'abortion compromise' has operated in Poland. The second one was when a total abortion ban was proposed, which lead to a nationwide women protest ('Black Monday'). The purposive sampling was used - in total there were 400 articles, essays and visual materials analyzed. The analysis strategy was based on the assumption that discourse is processual, individualized and depends on external conditions in which it takes place. The results show that discourses define boundaries of femininity and women's rights. Thus are movable in analyzed time points. The right-wing conservative discourse uses emotional language, criticizing, moralizing, negatively valuating the right of women to make independent fertility decisions. Liberal and feminist discourse emphasizes women' choice and responsibility. The language is emotional, intimate and reflective. It emphasizes also the ambiguity and multidimensionality of individual situations.
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