ESC Congress Library. Lete Lasa I. 05/10/18; 208235; ESC103
Inaki Lete Lasa
Inaki Lete Lasa
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Objectives: The objective of this research was to develop a questionnaire for patients to facilitate choice of the most appropriate contraceptive method for individual women while optimizing HCP's time. The first step was to create an original version in English. Afterwards, we developed conceptually and semantically valid French, German, Italian and Spanish versions of CHLOE (Contraception: HeLping for wOmen's choicE) questionnaire. Design and methods: Original Version Development: A literature review was conducted to identify key aspects influencing contraceptive choice and medical, personal and social factors that should be taken into account. Questionnaire development was overseen by a Steering Committee consisting of eight gynecologists from across Europe. The initial draft underwent conceptual validation through cognitive debriefing interviews with six native English-speaking women. A revised version then underwent face-to-face and online evaluation of the questionnaire by 115 international gynecologists/obstetricians with expertise in contraception prior to the development of final version. The Original English version is considered as the master version.  A subsequent linguistic and cultural adaptation process has been done following the principles of ISPOR report on Good Practice for the Translation and Cultural Adaptation Process for Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures. Validated versions of CHLOE questionnaire in French, German, Italian and Spanish were obtained as a result. Results: CHLOE questionnaire is now available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.  CHLOE questionnaire takes 10 minutes to be completed and collects specific information on woman profile, health conditions and needs and preferences that might influence contraceptive choice. The questionnaire captures the core aspects to allow considering personalization, efficacy and safety, identified as key attributes influencing contraceptive choice for completion prior to HCP consultation. Conclusions: CHLOE (Contraception: HeLping for wOmen's choicE) questionnaire is a conceptually valid questionnaire to help women and their physician to choose the best contraceptive option and can be used consistently in 5 different languages. The CHLOE questionnaire will permit physicians in several European countries to use this validated and internationally recognized tool that will help choosing the best contraceptive option for each woman while optimizing HCP's time. Its application in actual clinical practice will give us more information about the usefulness of the tool and about the physicians and women's satisfaction.
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