Reports of Acceptability by Women using Novel Contraceptive Vaginal Rings in Diverse Settings
ESC Congress Library. Merkatz R. 05/10/18; 208248; ESC323
Dr. Ruth Merkatz
Dr. Ruth Merkatz
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Objectives: Understanding aspects of acceptability are critical to successful introduction of contraceptive vaginal rings (CVRs) in diverse settings. Acceptability studies were conducted as part of Phase 3 clinical trials with a) lactating postpartum women in India using the Progesterone Vaginal Ring (PVR), and b) women in the US, Europe, Latin America and Australia using the Nestorone®/Ethinyl Estradiol (NES/EE CVR). A comparison of results and implications for use are presented. Design and Methods: Both rings are silicone-based with hormones released through a matrix (PVR) or reservoir (NES/EE CVR) design. An acceptability questionnaire was developed/ administered to women in the PVR and NES/EE CVR studies following 60-90 days of continuous PVR use, or at the beginning of the third cycle for NES/EE CVR use. The questionnaire was also completed at the end of 1-year of use.  Based on a model of acceptability and using Chi square statistics, we examined components of use experienced at the first-time point, i.e. reports of feeling the ring while wearing it, expulsions, effects on sexual activity, ease of ring insertion, and overall satisfaction. Results: The populations had several different demographic characteristics; women in India were younger [24 (3.3) vs. 26 (5.1)] and 28% vs. 10% did not complete high school. The majority of PVR and NES/EE CVR users reported overall satisfaction (89% & 90%, respectively) and found the ring easy to insert. Significantly more women in India felt the ring while wearing it (65%) compared with women in other regions (29%) (p  
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