Contraception after non-gynecological cancers
ESC Congress Library, Angelo Cagnacci, 214431
Hormonal contraception after breast cancer and ovarian cancer
ESC Congress Library, Anne Gompel, 214429
WHOs response to Zika epidemic - a review of contraceptive sales in the setting of the Zika virus epidemic
ESC Congress Library, Moazzam Ali, 214428
Prevention and control of chlamydia in Europe - from data to policies and testing recommendations
ESC Congress Library, Otilia Mårdh, 214427
Vaccination: an update on the global/European HPV programmes and risk of autoimmune conditions
ESC Congress Library, Jesper Mehlsen, 214426
History of birth control
ESC Congress Library, Jean-Jacques Amy, 214425
Moving contraceptive services online: models of care
ESC Congress Library, Thom Van Every, 214423
Web based sexual health education
ESC Congress Library, Paula Baraitser, 214422
Social media: friend or foe?
ESC Congress Library, Jane Dickson, 214421
Pilot Center for Victims of Sexual Violence at Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics - Clinical Center of Vojvodina in Novi Sad
ESC Congress Library, Ksenija Kričković Pele, 214420
Barriers on access to FP and other RH services in Europe: Providers perspective
ESC Congress Library, Teresa Bombas, 214416
Comics for contraception education in young adults: results from a quasi-experimental study
ESC Congress Library, Aparna Sridhar, 214410
Predictors of Unscheduled Spotting and Bleeding in Women using Oral Drospirenone 4.0 mg for Contraception
ESC Congress Library, David Archer, 214409
What women want and what they get - patients and gynecologists´views on contraceptive counselling
ESC Congress Library, Johannes Bitzer, 214414
Sexuality education
ESC Congress Library, Kai Haldre, 214408
Is there an evidence for negative effects of hormonal contraceptives on mood
ESC Congress Library, Gabriele Merki, 214413
A new drospirenone only pill: Phase III trial data: Desogestrel 75 mcg vs Drospirenone 4mg
ESC Congress Library, Ali Kubba, 214412
LARC for adolescents
ESC Congress Library, Dan Apter, 214407
Adolescent gynaecology made simple
ESC Congress Library, Jane Dickson, 214406
Natural Methods of Family Planning
ESC Congress Library, Petra Frank-Hermann, 214405
Typical reasons for removal of Cu releasing and hormone releasing IUDs
ESC Congress Library, Luis Bahamondes, 214404
New developments in IUDs
ESC Congress Library, David Hubacher, 214403
New developments in LNG-IUS: The small 5-year low-dose levonorgestrel device (LNG-IUS 12)
ESC Congress Library, Anita Nelson, 214411
Is there stigma for working on abortion field? The care provider's perspetive
ESC Congress Library, Teresa Bombas, 208259
Influence of age and BMI on risk of venous thromboembolism: a pooled analysis of 246,513 women using combined oral contraceptives based on 521,516 women-years.
ESC Congress Library, Clare Barnett, 208267
Clinical development of a new generation etonogestrel/Ethinylestradiol vaginal ring: Comparative bioavailability and tolerability
ESC Congress Library, Pedro Antonio Regidor, 208264
Hemostasiological status in females with recurrent miscarriage after usage of combined oral contraceptives
ESC Congress Library, Maria Kazhyna, 208265 a unique and synthetic website to share information on abortion legislation and statistics in Europe
ESC Congress Library, Teresa Bombas, 208261
Use of emergency contraception and savings for National Health System in Italy
ESC Congress Library, Emilio Arisi, 208262
Trends in contraceptive method use in Britain: evidence from two national probability surveys
ESC Congress Library, Rebecca French, 208258
Pain at insertion of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system in nulligravida and parous women with and without cesarean section
ESC Congress Library, Ilza Maria Urbano Monteiro, 208260
The acceptability of a mobile application for contraception
ESC Congress Library, Olof Lundberg, 208266
The Effect of BMI on Unintended Pregnancy Rates amongst Users of Combined Oral Contraceptives.
ESC Congress Library, Anja Bauerfeind, 208255
Sexual Education of Medical Students at University of Novi Sad
ESC Congress Library, Ksenija Kričković Pele, 208256
Identification and prediction of the fertile window with a new web-based medical device using a vaginal biosensor for measuring the circadian and circamensual core body temperature
ESC Congress Library, Pedro Antonio Regidor, 208257
Dimensional analysis of the endometrial cavity: how many dimensions should the ideal intrauterine device or system have?
ESC Congress Library, Norman Goldstuck, 214402
Culture- and PCR-based detection of BV associated bacteria in the biofilm of removed IUDs
ESC Congress Library, Marta Szucs, 214401
Length of endometrial cavity and other risk factors for IUD displacement, expulsions and reexpulsions
ESC Congress Library, Luis Bahamondes, 214400
Potential problems and concerns about IUD insertion associated with high risk HPV and HIV infection
ESC Congress Library, Katarina Sedlecky, 214399
The Intrauterine ball (IUB) and GyneFix: Are they superior to T-shaped 3rd Generation copper devices?
ESC Congress Library, Amos Ber, 214398
Unintended pregnancy in adolescents: analysis of 10 years
ESC Congress Library, Filipa Sousa, 208252
Obtaining Information about Contraception among Latvian Women at the Age between 18-40
ESC Congress Library, Dita Baumane - Auza, 208254
Perspectives on and willingness to use a novel male hormonal contraceptive - a qualitative study of Black males in Los Angeles, California, USA
ESC Congress Library, Brian Nguyen, 208249
Safety and efficacy of intrauterine devices: Baseline characteristics of 37,186 study participants from the EURAS-LCS12 study
ESC Congress Library, Christine Hagemann, 208250
Knowledge and behaviors of key influencers of young women on sexual and reproductive health in four Latin American countries
ESC Congress Library, C. Vieira, 208251
Developing a contraceptive counselling online learning course
ESC Congress Library, Paula Baraitser, 214397
Contraception and Human Rights: Rights Based Quality of Care Indicators in Contraceptive Programmes
ESC Congress Library, Moazzam Ali, 214396
Models of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, UK
ESC Congress Library, Asha Kasliwal, 214395
Education and training across Europe
ESC Congress Library, Katarina Sedlecky, 214394
Overview about standards of care, content of services, principles of training and possible indicators for evaluation and measurement
ESC Congress Library, Johannes Bitzer, 214393
Auto-Immune diseases, Contraception and Reproduction
ESC Congress Library, Dimitrios P. Lazaris, 214392
Contraception for Women With Cardiac Disease
ESC Congress Library, Carolina Gouveia, 214391
Contraception HIV and STI
ESC Congress Library, Galina Grebennikova, 214389
Contraception in the obese woman
ESC Congress Library, Regine Sitruk-Ware, 214388
Unintended Pregnancies in Users of Different Combined Oral Contraceptives - Final results from the INAS-SCORE Study
ESC Congress Library, Klaas Heinemann, 208247
Reports of Acceptability by Women using Novel Contraceptive Vaginal Rings in Diverse Settings
ESC Congress Library, Ruth Merkatz, 208248
We still have a long way to go with LARCs; Knowledge, attitudes and practice of general practitioners (GPs) in the Australian Contraceptive ChOice pRoject (ACCORd).
ESC Congress Library, Danielle Mazza, 208244
Post-partum intrauterine device insertion: a good experience in a public Brazilian hospital
ESC Congress Library, Silvana Giovanelli, 208245
CATALYZING RESEARCH TO EXPAND THE CONTRACEPTIVE METHOD MIX - Developing New Contraceptive Technologies and Refining Existing Ones
ESC Congress Library, Vera Halpern, 208246
Sexually Transmitted Infections - The experience of an Adolescents’ Unit
ESC Congress Library, Marta Brito, 214386
Does salpingectomy provide further cancer risk reduction in women without a deleterious BRCA1/2 variant?
ESC Congress Library, Lee Shulman, 214385
Adenomyosis: a challenging condition from adolescence till the menopause
ESC Congress Library, Marta Correa Rancel, 214384
PCOS: Intervention possibilities
ESC Congress Library, Sven Skouby, 214382
Risk of abortion 1-2 years after childbirth in relation to contraceptive choice.
ESC Congress Library, Karin Lichtenstein Liljeblad, 208240
Medical and legal aspects of child sexual abuse: a population-based study in a Hungarian county
ESC Congress Library, Panagiotis Tsikouras, 208242
Insertion- and removal-related events associated with the NEXPLANON contraceptive implant: Results from the Nexplanon Observational Risk Assessment (NORA) Study
ESC Congress Library, Suzanne Reed, 208237
Health institutions and schools: can they interact in sexual and reproductive health education? A Portuguese innovative project
ESC Congress Library, Carla Susana Tovim Rodrigues, 208239
Long-acting reversible contraception free-of-charge - who chooses it?
ESC Congress Library, Tuire Saloranta, 208241
Should we offer immediate post-partum insertion of IUDs to Brazilian adolescents?
ESC Congress Library, Silvana Giovanelli, 208234
ESC Congress Library, Inaki Lete Lasa, 208235
Feasibility and acceptability of providing immediate postpartum intrauterine contraception (PPIUC) in a public maternity service
ESC Congress Library, Michelle Cooper, 208236
Multicentric review of patients' reasons for Mirena coil removal and it's wider clinical & economical implications
ESC Congress Library, Nabil Nathan Acladious, 208231
Contraception in renal transplanted women: is the injectable contraceptive a safe option?
ESC Congress Library, Silvana Giovanelli, 208232
Pertinence and outcome of referrals to gynaecology department from sexual health ultrasound clinic
ESC Congress Library, Najia Aziz, 208233
Cardiovascular Safety in Users of Different Combined Oral Contraceptives - Final results from the INAS-SCORE Study
ESC Congress Library, Klaas Heinemann, 214381
Targeting contraceptive advice and supply in community settings: development of a clinical prediction rule using psychosocial questions
ESC Congress Library, Natalie Edelman, 214380
When to stop contraception: how to identify menopause in POP and CHC users
ESC Congress Library, Christina Kreutzer, 214379
Mental disorders during perimenopause and comorbid sexual dysfunction
ESC Congress Library, Claudio Soares, 214378
Safety of estradiol containing combined hormonal contraceptives in perimenopausal women
ESC Congress Library, Anne Gompel, 214377
Intrauterine contraception - do sub optimally placed devices migrate to the uterine fundus?
ESC Congress Library, Tina Dwivedi, 208228
A novel low-dose copper and nitinol intrauterine contraceptive: Phase 2 clinical trial data with 18-month data
ESC Congress Library, David Turok, 208229
Does sterilisation without valid consent happen in the 21st Century?
ESC Congress Library, Sam Rowlands, 208230
Masculine sexual performance beliefs are positively associated with the prevalence of erectile dysfunctions
ESC Congress Library, Nikola Komlenac (m), 208225
Use of a video tool for intrauterine contraceptive counselling as an alternative to face-to-face counselling
ESC Congress Library, Jenine Bignall, 208226
„You stop thinking about yourself as a woman' An interpretive phenomenological study of the meaning of sexuality for Icelandic women during pregnancy and after delivery
ESC Congress Library, Sóley Bender, 208227
Effects of Estetrol on Thrombotic and Growth Parameters Associated with Vascular Remodelling
ESC Congress Library, Raghvendra Dubey, 214376
A Rare Cause of Abdominal Pain in a Female Adolescent
ESC Congress Library, Jenine Bignall, 208065
Barriers and facilitators to the delivery and uptake of long-acting reversible contraception: What are the views of GPs?
ESC Congress Library, Danielle Mazza, 208066
Turkey's Reproductive Health Situation through Sustainable Development Goals
ESC Congress Library, Ali İhsan Nergiz, 208085
ESC Congress Library, Valeriu Gheorman, 208089
To examine the failure rate and Disruptions of contraceptive use by different spacing methods of family planning in four selected states of India
ESC Congress Library, Rohit Singh, 208112
Is a safe and effective contraception possible? Dual Protection in Spain - Team SEC on behalf of Spanish Society of Contraception
ESC Congress Library, Jose C. Quílez Conde, 208113
Chlamydia Trachomatis infection in women using contraceptive technology: does using IUD birth control increase risk of getting Chlamydia?
ESC Congress Library, Mirjana Bogavac, 208133
Emergency contraception among youth population
ESC Congress Library, Natalia Aganezova, 208134
ESC Congress Library, Nahia Antolín, 208157
ESC Congress Library, Josefina Lira, 208159
ESC Congress Library, Pamela Saravia Cruz, 208181
ESC Congress Library, maria monica pereira, 208182
Sexual Health Knowledge and Practices of Teenage girls in an Irish Secondary School
ESC Congress Library, Maeve Mulvehill, 208208
Dienogest: A relation of treatment and effect
ESC Congress Library, maria monica pereira, 208209

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