Partner tracing, notification and treatment: how?
ESC Congress Library, Iolanda E. Blidaru, 133842
Role of molecular biology in the diagnosis of genital infections
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Delayed reversibility in RISUG mediated vas occlusion in rabbits
ESC Congress Library, Abdul S. Ansari, 127009
ESC Congress Library, Kitti Krungkraipetch, 127029
Determinants of choice of the first trimester abortion method, acceptability of and satisfaction with the chosen method
ESC Congress Library, Sara Vodopivec, 126834
Barriers to the Uptake of Intrauterine Contraception: Patient and Practitioner perspectives
ESC Congress Library, Susan Walker, 126995
Efficacy of ulipristal acetate for emergency contraception and its effect on the subsequent bleeding pattern when administered before or after ovulation
ESC Congress Library, Hang Wun Raymond Li, 126959
Hydraulic dilatation: a novel approach to cervical dilatation
ESC Congress Library, Aleksandar Zivanovic, 126833
Attitude of patients to screening and vaccines
ESC Congress Library, Patrick Horner, 133840
Role of HPV vaccination, cytology screening and colposcopy in modern Europe - what can the contraceptive provider contribute?
ESC Congress Library, Emilia Crighton, 133839
Alcohol use identification and brief advice (IBA) in sexual health settings : Evidence and challenges
ESC Congress Library, Sue Mann, 133838
The contraceptive consultation for women living with HIV - role in promoting women's health and wellbeing as well as reducing mother to child transmission of HIV
ESC Congress Library, Fiona Fargie, 133837
Lots of opponents, very few advocates
ESC Congress Library, Ann Furedi, 133833
User perspectives
ESC Congress Library, Toni Belfield, 133836
Developing male contraception: gap or abyss?
ESC Congress Library, Richard A Anderson, 133832
Role of mid-level providers in abortion care
ESC Congress Library, Helena Kopp Kallner, 133835
Contraceptive development: a mountain of cost, a chasm of interest
ESC Congress Library, Erin Gainer, 133831
What is task sharing?
ESC Congress Library, Mario Festin, 133834
From female genital mutilation to female genital reconstruction: a surgeon's approach
ESC Congress Library, Refaat Karim, 133830
The reality of female genital mutilation in Europe
ESC Congress Library, Els Leye, 133829
Sexual violence as a war strategy in Iraq
ESC Congress Library, Nazand Begikhani, 133828
Intimate partner violence: from notice to network intervention? the Portugal experience
ESC Congress Library, João Redondo, 133827
The collaboration between EBCOG and UEMS
ESC Congress Library, Rolf Kirschner, 133826
One way of improving the training of reproductive health in Europe
ESC Congress Library, Allan Templeton, 133825
Sexual and reproductive rights
ESC Congress Library, Rajat Khosla, 133823
Hormonal contraception and myocardial infarction
ESC Congress Library, John Stevenson, 133821
Hormonal contraception and stroke
ESC Congress Library, Martin Birkhaeuser, 133820
Hormonal contraception and venous thromboembolism
ESC Congress Library, Sven Skouby, 133819
Motivational interviewing
ESC Congress Library, Alexander Kiss, 133818
Compliance - blame the women?
ESC Congress Library, Ali Kubba, 133817
Contraception as a behaviour: models of understanding
ESC Congress Library, Johannes Bitzer, 133816
Contraception and PCO
ESC Congress Library, Oejvind Lidegaard, 133810
E4 and the breast
ESC Congress Library, Carole Verhoeven, 133815
ESC Congress Library, Jean Michel Foidart, 133814
Contraception in BRCA1/BRCA2-positive women
ESC Congress Library, Gabriele Merki, 133809
Continuous regimen
ESC Congress Library, Cristina Guazzelli, 133813
Contraception in women with headaches and migraine
ESC Congress Library, Anne MacGregor, 133808
Selective progesterone receptor modulators (SPRM)
ESC Congress Library, Kristina Gemzell Danielsson, 133812
Contraception in HIV-positive women
ESC Congress Library, Lina Ciaplinskiene, 133807
Reproductive health in young Mexican women
ESC Congress Library, Josefina Lira, 133806
Permanent non-surgical contraceptive methods for women
ESC Congress Library, Jeffrey Jensen, 133799
Family policies and trends in parenthood and contraception in Switzerland
ESC Congress Library, Elisabeth Zemp Stutz, 133802
Reproductive health care for asylum-seeking women
ESC Congress Library, Sibil Tschudin, 133805
Green contraception
ESC Congress Library, Diana Blithe, 133798
Demographic trends in Europe relative to contraceptive use
ESC Congress Library, David F Archer, 133800
Gaps in reproductive and maternal health: the challenge of inequality
ESC Congress Library, Raffaela Schiavon, 133803
Molecular biology and advanced technology for contraception
ESC Congress Library, Regine L. Sitruk-Ware, 133796
Factors contributing to the limited and declining use of MVA for postabortion care in Malawi: A qualitative study of health workers' opinions
ESC Congress Library, Sinead Cook, 126828
Instruction-only versus demonstration of a low sensitivity pregnancy test for self-assessment of medical abortion in South Africa; a multicenter non-inferiority randomized controlled trial.
ESC Congress Library, Deborah Constant, 126829
Management of pain associated with first trimester medical termination of pregnancy (MToP) using mifepristone-misoprostol regimens. A systematic literature review
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ESC Congress Library, vijayasree medarametla, 126842
Efficacy and safety of medical method in the voluntary interruption pregnancy over 8 years – Experience of a Portuguese Medical Center
ESC Congress Library, Angela Rodigues, 126844
Safety and efficacy of outpatient mifepristone-misoprostol medical abortion through 76 days of gestational age – Portuguese experience in a tertiary hospital
ESC Congress Library, Angela Rodigues, 126845
ESC Congress Library, Andreja Stolfa Gruntar, 126846
Evolution of the sociodemographic profile of women undergoing abortion in a tertiary centre in Portugal
ESC Congress Library, Teresa Alexandra Carmo Bombas, 126847
Age at Menarche and Socio-Economic status, Intake of Food groups, Physical Activities and Stressful Conditions
ESC Congress Library, Richa Saxena, 126867
Youngsters: condoms use under alcohol
ESC Congress Library, Geneviève Preti, 126868
ESC Congress Library, Gulcan Tandogru, 126869
Adolescents and family planning methods
ESC Congress Library, Manuela Neagu, 126871
Pattern of university students’ reproductive behavior formation: role of educational programs
ESC Congress Library, Marina Khamoshina, 126873
Health-promoting lifestyle and premenstrual syndrome in nursing students
ESC Congress Library, Nülüfer Erbil, 126874
Prognosis of complications and side effects of hormonal contraception in women of reproductive age
ESC Congress Library, Elena Ivanova, 126892
Efficacy of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system in secondary pain treatment in endometriosis in a reference hospital
ESC Congress Library, Cristina Guazzelli, 126893
Efficacy of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system in hipermenorrhagia treatment in a reference hospital
ESC Congress Library, Cristina Guazzelli, 126894
Evaluating the Influence of Bariatric Surgery on Young FemalesQuality-of-Life and Sexual Reproductive Health Behaviours
ESC Congress Library, Marie McCormack, 126895
The concern of symptoms caused by bleeding:Results from the ISY (Inconvenience due to women’S monthlY bleeding) Study
ESC Congress Library, Maria Paloma Lobo Abascal, 126896
Challenges and needs in providing post-abortion family planning in routing abortion services in China: finding from a nationwide randomized cluster trial
ESC Congress Library, Longmei Tang and Wei-Hong Zhang, 126912
ESC Congress Library, Natalia Artymuk, 126913
Reproductive characteristics in women after renal transplantation
ESC Congress Library, Cristina Guazzelli, 126914
Family planning in transplanted women
ESC Congress Library, Cristina Guazzelli, 126915
Sexual life and contraceptive use among Brazilian teenage girls with cancer
ESC Congress Library, Cristina Guazzelli, 126916
Developing a participatory approach involving health sector and community members, to increase met needs for contraception through human rights principles
ESC Congress Library, Petrus Steyn, 126938
Quality of care in family planning and contraceptive services as defined by communities and healthcare providers: A scoping review
ESC Congress Library, Jenni Smit, 126939
Participatory approaches in reproductive health services: success and challenges
ESC Congress Library, Petrus Steyn, 126940
Efficient exclusion of pregnancy prior to initiation of long-active reversible contraception or performance of an intrauterine procedure.
ESC Congress Library, Margaret Long, 126941
The relationship between perceived social support andattitudes towards menopause of women
ESC Congress Library, Mehtap Gümüsay, 126942
Use of effective contraception 6 months after emergency contraception with a copper intrauterine device or ulipristal acetate – a prospective observational cohort study
ESC Congress Library, Niklas Envall, 126960
ESC Congress Library, Özlem Can Gürkan, 126961
Improving the quality of consultations on emergency contraception and uptake of emergency intrauterine contraception.
ESC Congress Library, Nicola Mullin, 126962
Healthcare students´ knowledge and use of emergency contraception, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
ESC Congress Library, Belen Provenzano-Castro, 126963
Gender empowerment to improve sexual and reproductive health of adolescent girls and young women in Jamaica
ESC Congress Library, Denise Chevannes-Vogel, 126966
Interim 1 year report for A prospective, randomized, single blind, two arms controlled study to confirm the safety and verify performance of the IUB™ SCu300A spherical copper intrauterine device ball in comparison to TCu380 IUD intra-uterine contraceptiv
ESC Congress Library, Ilan Baram, 126980
Predictors of Levonorgestrel Intrauterine Device early expulsion - On behalf of the Spanish Society of Contraception
ESC Congress Library, Sara Tato Varela, 126981
Use of Jaydess Intrauterine System in Contraceptive and Sexual Health service.
ESC Congress Library, Elena Valarche, 126982
An audit reviewing Intrauterine contraceptive fitting at a Community Contraceptive Clinic
ESC Congress Library, Sally-Ann Botchey, 126983
Audit of retrieval of intrauterine contraceptive devices/systems where the threads are not visible.
ESC Congress Library, Karin Piegsa, 126984
Enhanced Acceptability and Improved Continuation Rate with Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives, by High Capacity Menstrual Cup
ESC Congress Library, Alfred Shihata, 126999
User characteristics, continuation rates and side effects of copper intrauterine device use in a cohort of Australian women
ESC Congress Library, Deborah Bateson, 127000
Long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) use 6 months post-abortion: benefits of specialist follow-up
ESC Congress Library, Usha Kumar, 127001
Ultrasound: gold standard for the location of no palpable single-rod contraceptiveimplant
ESC Congress Library, Rafael Buitron-García, 127002
Etonogestrel-releasing contraceptive implant use by women with sickle cell disease
ESC Congress Library, Milena Bastos Brito, 127003
Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Natural Family Planning Methods.
ESC Congress Library, Françoise Soler, 127024
Urogynecological problems and sexual dysfunction: an epidemiologic study
ESC Congress Library, Charalampos Grigoriadis, 127025
Relationship between sexual dsyfunction and sexual myths of women
ESC Congress Library, Nülüfer Erbil, 127027
My Fertility Matters!
ESC Congress Library, Jenny Heathcote, 127030
The Influence of Intimate Partner Violence on Pregnancy Symptoms
ESC Congress Library, Özlem Can Gürkan, 127045
The analysis on education of HIV/AIDS prevention for out-of-school adolescents in China
ESC Congress Library, Xiao - Ming Yu, 127046
Unmet Family Planning Need among Women in a Correctional Facility in Ontario, Canada
ESC Congress Library, Dustin Costescu, 127047
Association of Hypo-vitaminosis D with Metabolic Disturbances in East Indian Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
ESC Congress Library, Dipanshu Sur, 127049
Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy - International Recommendations
ESC Congress Library, Niko Heiss, 127050

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