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Panel Discussion
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Conscientious objection is a human right in ethically laden issues
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Liverpool model: safe place sexual assault referral centre
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Evaluation of sexuality education - a critical reflection
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Searching for the evidence - a never ending journey
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WHO priority to address sexual violence
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Evidence based practice - fact or fiction?
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SRHR 20 years post Cairo
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Compliance with contraception
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Ovarian cryopreservation in women with cancer
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Women with abortion higher risk for STI?
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DMAU for Male contraception, a new option for greener contraception?
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The challenges of Family Planning Provision in a day clinic of a General Hospital in the era of the economic crisis
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Multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) for sexual and reproductive health: one product to meet multiple needs
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Contraception and reproductive health care in immigrants - do they get a different treatment?
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Type, dose of hormones - Metabolic risks
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Contraception in patients with psychiatric disorders
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Green contraception: developing a green score for contraceptive products
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Reproductive health differences in Europe
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Pain during Medical abortion. – a neglected issue?
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25 years ESC
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Aletta Jacobs
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Pre-abortion mandatory counseling, what women feel about it?
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Medical abortion after 9 weeks
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Is the SILCS Diaphragm appropriate for women in India?
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First year experience with a single–size contraceptive diaphragm (Caya®)
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Pregnancy in adolescence
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Counseling and use of contraceptive methods by women with epilepsy
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Contraceptive methods used by Brazilian women withsickle cell disease
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Knowledge, attitudes and sexual health behaviour of residents attending a nurse-led contraception & sexual health service within hostels for the homeless.
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The views on the withdrawal method of the couples
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Challenges of Family planning (FP) service delivery in rural Malawi: The case of Mzimba district.
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The Dynamics And Quality Of The Sexual Activity During Pregnancy
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In-vitro study on the effect of ulipristal acetate on human embryo implantation using a trophoblastic spheroid and endometrial cell co-culture model
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Distorted sex ratios and population dynamics: the issue of gender-based prenatal sex selection in Southeastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus
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Young Latin American women's misperceptions about intrauterine contraception and their beliefs and preferences regarding menstrual bleeding: results of an online survey
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Post-abortion insertion of frameless copper IUDs: A comparison of early expulsion rates of IUDs inserted immediately post-abortion or at unrelated times.
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Continuation rates of etonogestrel contraceptive implant (Nexplanon®) in a university general practice.
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Long-Acting Reversible Contraception for Adolescents and Young Adults – A Cross-Sectional Study of Women and General Practitioners in Oslo, Norway.
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Playing to learn the variability of the menstrual cycle and to teach natural family planning methods.
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Challenges in spreading knowledge about menstrual cycles. Usefulness for reproductive health.
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Sexual and contraceptive behavior in a population of female universitary students
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Accidental Pregnancy and Contraceptive Practices in Contemporary Australia: Preliminary Results from a National Population-based Survey
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First sexual intercourse: age, coercion, and later regrets reported by students aged 14-19 years
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Cervical smears with atypical glandular cells: diagnostic and treatment algorithms
ESC Congress Library, aleksandra asaturova, 50644

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