The feasibility of self-assessment with a pregnancy test after medical abortion in a low-resource setting in India
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Who are the adolescents that engaged in elective abortion in Portugal?
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Outcomes of HIV testing in a NHS community abortion counselling clinic in West Midlands, United Kingdom (UK)
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Effects of a prolonged, 72 hours, interval between mifepristone and gemeprost in second trimester termination of pregnancy: a retrospective study
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Is the SILCS Diaphragm appropriate for women in India?
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First year experience with a single–size contraceptive diaphragm (Caya®)
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Barrier contraceptives: Evaluation after three years of counselling
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Health education and Promotion
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Self-reported health in adolescent girls varies according to the season and its relation to medication and hormonal contraception - A descriptive study
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Counseling and use of contraceptive methods by women with epilepsy
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Contraceptive methods used by Brazilian women withsickle cell disease
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Sexual life and contraceptive use among Brazilian teenage girls with cancer: preliminary results.
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Sexuality and contraceptive options in young people with cognitive disability: a comparative study
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The views on the withdrawal method of the couples
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Influence of Male Decision-making and Sociocultural Factors in the use of Contraceptive Methods by Women in Niger
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Intimately Intertwined: The Challenges, Opportunities, and Capacity Building of Sexual Reproductive Health in response to the Fundamentalist Christian Objections toward Sex
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Early Marriage and Maternity of the Seasonal Migratory Agricultural Workers
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The Dynamics And Quality Of The Sexual Activity During Pregnancy
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Use of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Associated Factors among Immigrants in Portugal
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Sexual and contraceptive behaviour
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Distorted sex ratios and population dynamics: the issue of gender-based prenatal sex selection in Southeastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus
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Ethnic differences in missing oral contraceptive pills: A mediation analysis
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Breast cancer risk comparing estradiol and ethinylestradiol: What can be derived from experimental data?
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Effect of hormonal contraception on endothelial function
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Young Latin American women's misperceptions about intrauterine contraception and their beliefs and preferences regarding menstrual bleeding: results of an online survey
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Post-abortion insertion of frameless copper IUDs: A comparison of early expulsion rates of IUDs inserted immediately post-abortion or at unrelated times.
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IUD strings: A comparison of male partners' reactions to different IUDs.
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Outcomes of Intrauterine Device Insertion Training for General Practitioners
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Intrauterine devices in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-infected women: are they safe?
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Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive Uptake Post-Termination of Pregnancy
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Bipolar affective disorder and attempted self-removal of Implanon.
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Playing to learn the variability of the menstrual cycle and to teach natural family planning methods.
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Challenges in spreading knowledge about menstrual cycles. Usefulness for reproductive health.
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When Smartphone and iPhones are used for contraception. A comparison study of 7 symptothermal Apps
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ECO-SEX/ NON-HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL-WOMEN´S UNMET NEEDA workshop presentation based on the book “Gr??sk? milj?rt f?sekontroll” (Green is pleasant–Eco-friendly Birth control) edited 2012.
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Essure tubal sterilization: a tertiary level hospital experience in eleven years
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First sexual intercourse: age, coercion, and later regrets reported by students aged 14-19 years
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Cervical smears with atypical glandular cells: diagnostic and treatment algorithms
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Disseminated gonococcal infection - a case report.
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Treatment as prevention among men sex men in Ghana
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Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Diseases of Seasonal Migratory Agricultural Worker's in Turkey
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Contraception in cancer prevention
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Hormonal contraception: The challenge of obesity and diabetes
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The role of contraception in the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB)
ESC Congress Library, Ian Milsom, 21588
Gaps and limits of evidence
ESC Congress Library, Carolyn Westhoff, 21587
Postmarketing studies
ESC Congress Library, Juergen Dinger, 21586
Methodology of studies
ESC Congress Library, Jean-Jacques Amy, 21585
Panel Discussion
ESC Congress Library, Faculty / Presenter(s), 22144
Male sterilisation
ESC Congress Library, Dirk Michielsen, 21584
How permanent is permanent sterilisation?
ESC Congress Library, Steven Weyers, 21583
Epidemiology of permanent contraception
ESC Congress Library, Paloma Lobo Abascal , 21582
Contraception and women's health
ESC Congress Library, Philip C. Hannaford, 21581
European experience with Implanon
ESC Congress Library, Diana Jane Mansour, 21580
How long is it safe to use Depo-Provera?
ESC Congress Library, Catherine d'Arcangues, 21579
Dispelling myths around intrauterine contraception
ESC Congress Library, Anna A. Glasier, 21578
Why use long acting reversible contraception (LARC)?
ESC Congress Library, David Serfaty , 21577
Demography and contraception: facts and fiction
ESC Congress Library, Catherine d'Arcangues, 21576
Family planning care and STI prevention
ESC Congress Library, Brigitte Frey Tirri, 21575
The “big five”. Learning from the Dutch Sexual Health Promotion Program
ESC Congress Library, Woet Gianotten, 21574
Contraceptive hormones and female sexuality
ESC Congress Library, Johannes Bitzer, 21573
Adolescent sexuality
ESC Congress Library, Efthimios Deligeoroglou, 21572
Panel Discussion
ESC Congress Library, Faculty / Presenter(s), 22137
Clinical practice: who, what and how?
ESC Congress Library, Catharina Zätterström, 21571
Policies and monitoring
ESC Congress Library, Gunta Lazdane, 21570
Availability and accessibility
ESC Congress Library, Sara Vodopivec, 21569
Emergency contraception with Ulipristal
ESC Congress Library, Sharon Cameron, 21568
Estetrol in oral contraception
ESC Congress Library, Raghvendra Dubey, 21567
Hormonal contraception in the future: Extended cycle regimens?
ESC Congress Library, Sven Skouby, 21565
Myths and misconceptions about contraception
ESC Congress Library, Meera Kishen, 21564
Natural family planning
ESC Congress Library, Lisa-Marie Wallwiener, 21563
ESC Congress Library, Joao Ramalho - Santos, 21562
Male condom
ESC Congress Library, Medard Lech, 21561
Female barrier methods
ESC Congress Library, Christine Mauck, 21560
Myths about sexuality
ESC Congress Library, Rik H. W. van Lunsen, 21559
Abortion: facts and fiction
ESC Congress Library, Kristina Gemzell Danielsson, 21558
Every doctor is a contraception specialist
ESC Congress Library, Johannes Bitzer, 21557

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